Research Projects

Interested in Research ?

The Cyber Center faculty and students work with industry, government and academic partners on research and special projects. The center’s current research focus areas include:

  • Emerging Technologies including Big Data, AI and Cloud
  • Social Engineering, Misinformation, Policy and Privacy
  • Cyber Workforce Development and STEM Participation 
  • National Intelligence and Critical Industries 
  • Risk Management & Business Continuity

What are the center’s current research grants ? 

  • Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Cybersecurity Impact  
  • NCAE-C Cybersecurity Capacity Building 
  • NCAE-C Research  ‘Maximizing Cybersecurity Training Impact’    
  • Intelligence Community (IC) Scholars Grants

What skills and experience can you develop ?

Students involved in research can develop the following skills:

  • Proposal Development and Grant Acquisition
  • Technical Analysis and Writting
  • Industry Expertise
  • Grant Program Management

Contact for more information on Cyber Center research projects.

A student holding a clipboard and pen.