The Cyber Center sponsors extra-curricular activities to help students develop the critical technical and problem solving skills needed to be successful in the profession.

Examples of these programs include:  

  • Cyber Lab Hands-on Training 
  • Capture-the-flag (CTF) Cybersecurity Competitions   
  • Cybersecurity Certification Bootcamps   
  • Industry Speaker Series  
  • Student Cybersecurity Club  

Recommended Resources for independent learning:

  • Online Learning (beginner) –, SANS Aces   
  • Hands-on Challenges –,,,, SANS Aces  
  • Capture-the-Flag competition – National Cyber League (NCL),,,  
  • Certification Training – Professor Messer’s Security+ (YouTube)

Contact or refer to the HU Cyber Center’s social media channels for updates on currents events (Twitter @CYBERHU  or LinkedIn).

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